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The term “Cheewajit” would never have been known in Thailand without Dr. Satis Indrakamhaeng, who is the forerunner that pioneered the “Cheewajit” philosophy in Thailand. His Cheewajit enterprise has steadily grown in conjunction with the launch of “Cheewajit magazine”, which received positive feedback from the wider society. His success has turned his school of Cheewajit into an icon of integrative healthcare approach that has become more popular until the present day.

As Thailand’s first expert in homeopathy, Dr. Satis has introduced the so-called integrated and alternative medicine to the Thai public and expand them into wider practices. He summarizes essential principles about self-treatment and self-healing in compliant with Cheewajit holistic perspective, as follows:

“The foundation of Cheewajit is built primarily on the principle of modern medicine, such as biology, chemistry and physiology. We combine such knowledge and make use of them repeatedly.”

“Another fundamental element of Cheewajit is our focus on nutrition and food supplements, such as vitamins and minerals. We also highlight the utilization of herbal treatment, detoxification, acupuncture, streaming, sauna, thermal and herbal fomenting pad, etc. The heart of Cheewajit also places an emphasis on mental well-being. There are several methods to help promote relaxation and positive thinking. Last but not least, meditation is one of the key secrets to achieve optimal mental wellness, according to the way of Cheewajit.”

By perfectly combining alternative medicine, natural way of life and simple Thai wisdom, Ajarn Satis has little difficulty in educating the wider society on his philosophy of Cheewajit. He regularly shares his secret of Cheewajit through his columns in Cheeewachit Magazine, a section in Thairath, Thailand’s best-selling newspaper as well as through programmes organized by Cheewajit Magazine, under the banner of Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited as well as via training programmes of “Cheewajit Home.” These courses are designed to help participants to appreciate the way of Cheewajit and to incorporate these inspiring values and practices of Cheewajit into their daily life.

Without any doubt, Dr. Satis is a naturalist at his core, since the spirit of Cheewajit that he tried to pass on to the wider public for many decades underlines the need for human to return to the embrace of the Mother Nature and bring peace to our society. His ideal of wellness encompasses both individual wellness as well as social wellness as a whole. Such ultimate wellness will boost health immunity that interconnects every member of our society at all levels.

Dr. Satis’s personal profile

Mass Psychology, Nutrition, Orthomolecular, Macrobiotics, alternative medicine and acupuncture arts

Professional Experiences

  • Sacred Heart Hospital, Oregon, U.S.A (6 years)
  • Xiamen University Hospital, People’s Republic of China (1 year)
  • The United Nations (27 years)